Brokering Cannabis and Hemp Globally

Cbd inc. is your go to international cannabis and hemp brokerage firm.

CBD inc. brokers cannabis and hemp contracts in North America and around the world. We are a full service brokerage firm that has the expertise in importing and exporting, supply chain management, product procurement and compliance and funding. Our firm boats a team of highly qualified experts that can find a solution to the unpredictable woes of the emerging cannabis industry.

Please see our services below or call us for a free consultation to find out how CBD inc.  can expand your business domestically or internationally.

If you are a producer or prospective producer of cannabis products looking to secure buyers, pre-production, mid-production or post-production contact us today.

If you are looking to purchase bulk cannabis or hemp products, please contact us as we have extensive contacts across a wide spectrum of production facilities across the world who are interested in pre-selling bulk cannabis.

CBD. Inc is there to Help Your Company Grow

“Our mission is to aid our clients successfully within the international cannabis and hemp industry. We aim to provide our clients with premium product at the lowest costs worldwide. We strive to offer nothing but superior services that are guaranteed to add value to our client’s company’s. CBD inc. facilitates profitable agreements to our clients while boasting professional and qualified team members to companies of any size.”


Importing and Exporting

Cbd Inc. facilitates the shipment of cannabis through international borders. Such process is complicated and tedious, let our experts take care of the work. Our team is able to figure out the logistics required to ensure that the shipment of product is delivered with ease and without complications.


Our connections allow us to get your product to customers domestically and globally without headaches. Our sales channels include retail locations and E-Commerce platforms. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! We are experts in transporting products across international borders regardless of the means or method. Our network of experienced employees will guarantee that your product will arrive at the destination.

Product Procurement and Sales

We are constantly fighting for the lowest prices for the highest quality. Our international connections allow us to shop from the finest medical cannabis and industrial hemp growers across the globe. Our product selection is vast, and we can find whatever cannabis or hemp product that you might look to purchase or sell.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experience allows us to have vast knowledge in international regulatory compliance. Our time in the industry has provided us with contacts with regulatory agents and agencies worldwide. Your product will move smoothly across borders and will remain compliant within the most sophisticated markets. You are in good hands with CBD inc.

Certified Lab Testing

Our connections within the industry allows us to ensure that every purchase made through us is tested by certified labs. All products purchased through CBD inc. are certified and comply with international medical cannabis and industrial hemp standards.

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